October Newsletter + Movie Night

The October Newsletter is here! It's full of all the wonderful things such as our event calendar, a wealth of information on short-term rentals and the rules for them, and the history of Sylvia Street.

We're entering into the fourth month in our membership year (we run on a fiscal calendar - July to June). Don't forget to renew your membership today! Find more information on our Membership page.

The 2019 #1 Citizen Dinner is just around the corner (November 14th)! If you know of someone who is a vital member of the Schnitzelburg community and deserves some recognition, nominate them today!

Also, tomorrow night, Saturday, October 5th is our 6th Annual Movie Night!

Bring your friendly little ghosts to Dairy Del on Saturday, October 5th to watch a movie under the stars.

We will have a bouncy house (4-7:30) and candy for the kids. Dairy Del will even be creating a special sweet treat for one night only!

The event will start at 7 and the movie will start at 8.


Will there be seating?

There will be 10 picnic tables available on a first come, first serve basis. We encourage you to bring chairs and blankets so you can be sure to have a seat.

Wasn't it cold last year?

It was quite chilly and that's why we moved movie night to an earlier weekend in October. We're hoping for warmer weather, but not too warm so that you can't cuddle up under a blanket with your sweeties.

Will food and drink be available?

Yes. Dairy Del will have food and drink available for purchase.

What is Casper about and what is it rated?

Casper came out in 1995 and is rated PG. Casper is the story about a paranormal expert and his daughter who bunk in an abandoned house populated by three mischievous ghosts and one friendly one.

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed, but just make sure that they are friendly and quiet. You may want to leave them at home so they aren't a distraction. : )

Additional questions? Email jennifer@schnitzelburg.org


September Newsletter & Events

Check out the September SACC newsletter! It has a lot of interesting content, including the history of beer gardens/biergartens in our area. Have you ever heard or sang the Schnitzelbank song? It's a real banger.

As usual, autumn is a busy time in Schnitzelburg and we are excited for everything in store!

This Saturday is full of activity from morning to evening. The day starts at 8 am with a community wide yard sale followed by the Flea Off Market on Hickory at 11 am then the Fall Walk begins at 6 pm.

Interested in participating in the yard sale? It's simple, just pitch a store in your yard on Saturday! We have already put up signs advertising for the neighborhood-wide yard sale, but it may be helpful if you put a sign on your corner so people driving know to cruise down your block!

Germantown's 4th Annual Oktoberfest Block Party returns on Friday, September 27th from 5-10PM, located on Goss Ave. 

SACC's 6th Annual Movie Night also returns to Dairy Del on Saturday, October 5th. We will be showing Casper (movie starts at 8) and we are excited to see all you friendly ghosts in October!

Manual High School has provided us with a the list of all events happening at Manual Stadium for the remainder of 2019 so neighbors can anticipate when activity will be happening in the area:


49th Annual World Championship Dainty Contest Recap

Congratulations to Steve King the winner of the 49th Annual World Championship Dainty Contest with a score of 114.5 feet. Jody Prestigiacomo had the honor of the shortest score of just one centimeter.

Thank you to all who played and attended, including those who stayed through the rain.

Schnitzelburg's famous street game of German origin is played with a wooden peg pointed on both ends and a long wooden stick.

Participants must be at least 45 years old and you can only use one arm to swing. The person sending the peg the longest distance gets a trophy. The person sending the peg the shortest distance gets a basket of lemons.

James Gunnoe, owner of NachBar and Eiderdown, taking a whack at the Dainty.


June Newsletter

Click here for the June SACC newsletter.

Meet Michelle Kurland with HomePage Realty, learn the history of the property that is now the 21st Amendment Tavern, and make your own Schnitzelburg Mad Lib! 

Congratulations to a successful Schnitzelburg History Walk and Germantown Schnitzelburg Blues Fest. Hopefully you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather and fun in Schnitzelburg this past weekend.


May Newsletter

Holy moly! It's been a busy month and we apologize for just no getting out the digital edition of the May SACC newsletter.

Click here for the May SACC newsletter.

In the newsletter, you will find out where Goss Avenue got its name, meet Alan with Barker Outdoor Improvements, and learn how to make a great Kentucky Hot Brown dip.

Since the release of the May newsletter, Mayor Fischer's budget cut proposal has been released. As of April, there is a $25.5 million shortfall in the budget that will require cuts to city departments and services.

Neighborhood organizations and non-profits are directly affected by these cuts. Joe Sonka outlines what the proposed cuts look like for each of the Metro Council districts in a recent Insider Louisville article:
While Fischer had originally proposed eliminating the $2 million in Neighborhood Development Funds that council members allot to nonprofits and projects in their districts, the mayor’s budget instead cuts just over $1 million from their budgets, reducing each members’ NDFs by $30,000 and operating budget by $10,000.
Neighborhood organizations and non-profits, like SACC, rely on these Neighborhood Development Funds (NDF) through their Metro Council members to cover costs for events and operations. With the NDF money that SACC receives, we are able to print monthly newsletters, hold events such as the Dainty and Movie Night, carryout capital projects, such as public art installations, and more. Without these funds, the scope of work that we and other non-profit organizations are able to do shrinks.

While the budget cuts are disappointing, you can help organizations by donating directly to them, supporting their work, and volunteering time and resources.

How can you help SACC? Consider your household becoming a member of SACC for just $10 a year (you can easily purchase a membership via PayPal in the righthand sidebar). If you see us tabling at an event, buy a t-shirt. Email us at schnitzelburg@yahoo.com and ask how you can get involved. Share our events and posts on Facebook. Together we can make Schnitzelburg an even greater place to live, work, and play.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


April Newsletter

Meet the ladies of Hair 502, check out local events happening this month, and learn the history behind "Eleven Jones Cave" - all in the April edition of the SACC newsletter. Click here to check it out!

Don't forget about our April General Neighborhood meeting on April 22nd. We'll be learning more about the 998 Goss Avenue project, meeting the owners of Forage (the new plant shop on Goss Avenue), and getting home and garden tips from Oscar's Hardware while learning about their expansion.

April 27th will be a busy day in the neighborhood! Starting at 8 am, SACC encourages all neighbors to participate in a community wide yard sale by selling wares on their property. At 11 am, stroll over to Monnik and check out the (Schnitzelburg) Flea Off Market. Stick around because at 4 pm the Schnitzelburg Spring Walk starts. It will be an action packed day and we hope that you can join us for some fun in the 'Burg!


Let Your Voice Be Heard Regarding the City's Pension Related Tax Increase Proposal

The Metro Council Budget Committee is hosting two public hearings in which Louisville residents are urged to offer input to the process of deciding how to respond to the city's state pension related budget crisis--additional funding through an increased insurance tax, or cutbacks in basic services.

To speak at one of the public hearings, sign up in person beginning at 5 p.m. and no later than 6:30 p.m. Speakers are called in order of signup and have up to three minutes to make comments. Written testimony may also be submitted during the hearings. Both hearings will be held in City Hall on the Third Floor at 601 W Jefferson Street.

Speakers may use the Sixth Street entrance to City Hall. Individuals needing assistance may enter City Hall from the Jefferson Street entrance.

Public Hearing Schedule

Thursday, February 28 6 p.m.
Monday, March 4 6 p.m.

There are also two regular Budget Committee meetings before a decision is made next month. You may also contact Metro Council before the hearings and meetings.

Budget Committee Meetings

Thursday, February 28 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, March 14 4:30 p.m.

Here are the email addresses for each of the 26 Metro Council District Council people:

District 1: Jessica.Green@louisvilleky.gov
District 2: Barbara.Shanklin@louisvilleky.gov
District 3: Keisha.Dorsey@louisvilleky.gov
District 4: Barbara.SextonSmith@louisvilleky.gov
District 5: Donna.Purvis@louisvilleky.gov
District 6: David.James@louisvilleky.gov
District 7: Paula.McCraney@louisvilleky.gov
District 8: Brandon.Coan@louisvilleky.gov
District 9: Bill.Hollander@louisvilleky.gov
District 10: Patrick.Mulvihill@louisvilleky.gov
District 11: Kevin.Kramer@louisvilleky.gov
District 12: Rick.Blackwell@louisvilleky.gov
District 13: Mark.Fox@louisvilleky.gov
District 14: Cindi.Fowler@louisvilleky.gov
District 15: Kevin.Triplett@louisvilleky.gov
District 16: Scott.Reed@louisvilleky.gov
District 17: Markus.Winkler@louisvilleky.gov
District 18: Marilyn.Parker@louisvilleky.gov
District 19: Anthony.Piagentini@louisvilleky.gov
District 20: Stuart.Benson@louisvilleky.gov
District 21: Nicole.George@louisvilleky.gov
District 22: Robin.Engel@louisvilleky.gov
District 23: James.Peden@louisvilleky.gov
District 24: Madonna.Flood@louisvilleky.gov
District 25: David.Yates@louisvilleky.gov
District 26: Brent.Ackerson@louisvilleky.gov


1137 Mulberry Property Update

Last year, plans were presented to the neighborhood for a new mixed-use building at the corner of Texas and Mulberry Streets - 1137 Mulberry Street. Concept Architects, the group behind the Germantown Chiropractic building on Milton Street, is heading the development.

The camelback shotgun on the property will be demolished and a new structure will take its place, however, the plans for the new structure have been the center of debate.

Original plans showed a three-story building with space for retail, a possible yoga/pilates studio, apartments, and/or short term rentals.

After concerns that the building was too large and did not fit within the aesthetics of the neighborhood, the firm made revisions to their initial plans.

Dan Spitler with Concept Architects, representing building owner Eric Carrico, attended the February SACC board meeting to present the most updated renderings of the project.

The updated renderings now reflect a two-story building, as opposed to the originally proposed three, as well as more stonework and less glazing on the lower level.

The building's proposed use would be shared office space on the first floor and short term rentals on the second (the plans show a total of three short term rentals, each with their own balcony).

There would be no parking on the property. Since the property sits on the corner, there are five eligible spaces for the property on the street. Those 5 spaces fulfill the parking requirement for the structure, according to the city.

After the board's discussion, Mr. Spitler emailed the following list of comments and concerns he had taken away:
  • Add more street trees, and perhaps a tree or two in the easement
  • Reduce the overhang at the balconies
  • Start a conversation about materials/colors/aesthetics.  The committee offered to assign 1-2 people to consult with us as a focus group.
  • Discuss some general guidelines for operation of the AirBNB’s and the We-work.  For the AirBNB, quiet hours and max occupancies for each unit.  For the We-work, hours of operation.
  • Some of the attendees wanted to know if the conference room in the We work would be available to rent by the general local public.  
Mr. Spitler also added, "We are looking forward to working with you and the neighborhood to make this a successful project."

While the details are not finalized, the project will be moving forward with the new concept. There will not be additional public meetings held to gather public input on the project.

If you would like to submit comments for the project, email info@conceptarcs.com.


February Newsletter

Trees, massages, master gardeners, and the history of Emerson Park...it's all in the February edition of the SACC Newsletter.

Click here to read all about it!


January Newsletter

As we enter into a new year with new faces on our board, we wanted to use the January SACC newsletter as an opportunity to get to know your representatives on the 2019 Schnitzelburg Area Community Council.

Click here to read the January newsletter and to meet your SACC board. 

We hope you get to meet us in person soon, especially at one of our upcoming events. As always, feel free to send us a message any time at schnitzelburg@yahoo.com.

Hope your new year is off to a fantastic start!