Sunday, July 26, 2020

50th Annual World Championship Dainty Contest 2020

The SACC is proud to present the 50th Annual World Championship Dainty Contest.
Even though this is an outdoor event, we knew that social distancing would be hard on a narrow Schnitzelburg street. Ultimately, we decided that it would be best to alter the event so that we can celebrate its 50th year while protecting the players and volunteers that make this event possible.
The Dainty will still be held on the last Monday in July (the 27th). The event will begin at 5 pm.
Here is what is changing:
- The event will be held at Germantown Baseball in the parking lot
- No spectators
- Masks will be required and strict social distancing will be enforced
- There will be no vendors (this includes beer!)
- The event will be streamed on Facebook Live and we will have a colorful cast of commentators for the event.
How can you play?
There are 50 spots available in honor of the 50th year of Dainty.
Signups will still be limited to players who are 45 and older. There are spots for reserves/alternates in case one of the original 50 registrants is not be able to compete.
Players can register at the following link:

This certainly isn't how we wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this cherished event, but we hope that you understand why modifications were necessary: The SACC wants you all to stay healthy so you can all make it to the 51st Annual World Championship Dainty Contest in 2021. 🙂
Do you have what it takes to be the 50th Dainty World Champion?
Dainty Rules:
-Must be 45 years or older to play
-You cannot sign up prior to the event; playing order is the determined on a first come basis
-Three "strikes" and you are out. One strike = any contact of the bat with the Dainty
-Players may only use one arm
-The contestant to hit the dainty the furthest within bounds will be crowned the winner, given eternal glory, and receive a trophy.
-The contestant who hits the dainty the shortest distance will receive the traditional basket of lemons
Proceeds from the Dainty will benefit the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council and the Little Sisters of the Poor.

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