Wednesday, July 29, 2020

2020 Dainty Standings

Thank you to all who participated in the 50th Annual World Championship Dainty Contest! Without you, the event would not have been possible. 

2020 is definitely an odd year, so it would be no surprise that the 2020 Dainty Contest had the first ever tie for first place. We dialed in to the Hauck's who instructed us to have a playoff between the two individuals who tied. Whoever hit it the furtherest while adhering to normal rules would be the winner and their original distance would be recorded as the winning distance. David Bramblette was able to take the 2020 title. We would also like to recognize Keith Richard for his spectacular hit! 

There were many good hits this year, which people credited to less alcohol, hecklers, and tree interference. 

Despite the smaller event, less players and no spectators, we were able to raise $253 for the Little Sisters of the Poor! 

You can watch the Dainty Contest via pre-recorded live streams on Facebook (part 1, part 2, part 3).

WFPL attended the event and has a wonderful story on the Dainty, which you can access here

Be sure to also check out all of the delicious Dainty meal interpretations that local chefs cooked up!

We still have 2020 Dainty tshirts available and will let you know how you can get one soon! 

Here are the standings of all participants who hit the Dainty (distance in descending order):

David Bramblette - 153'

Keith Richard - 153'

Michael Brangers - 137'

Paul Yenner - 125.5'

Wendy Gilbert - 89.5'

Don Reibert - 89.5'

Jimmy Willinger - 83'

Jeff Esterle - 50.5'

Mike Morris - 42'

Theresa Willinger - 32.5'

Bret Sohl - 26'

Justin Mog - 25' 

Elizabeth Reilly - 23'

Lisa Dettlinger - 20'

Roger Just - 16'

Kelly King - 14'

Heather Robertson - 13'

Bill Ridge - 12'

Fred Benincasa - 6.5'

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