Wednesday, May 22, 2019

May Newsletter

Holy moly! It's been a busy month and we apologize for just no getting out the digital edition of the May SACC newsletter.

Click here for the May SACC newsletter.

In the newsletter, you will find out where Goss Avenue got its name, meet Alan with Barker Outdoor Improvements, and learn how to make a great Kentucky Hot Brown dip.

Since the release of the May newsletter, Mayor Fischer's budget cut proposal has been released. As of April, there is a $25.5 million shortfall in the budget that will require cuts to city departments and services.

Neighborhood organizations and non-profits are directly affected by these cuts. Joe Sonka outlines what the proposed cuts look like for each of the Metro Council districts in a recent Insider Louisville article:
While Fischer had originally proposed eliminating the $2 million in Neighborhood Development Funds that council members allot to nonprofits and projects in their districts, the mayor’s budget instead cuts just over $1 million from their budgets, reducing each members’ NDFs by $30,000 and operating budget by $10,000.
Neighborhood organizations and non-profits, like SACC, rely on these Neighborhood Development Funds (NDF) through their Metro Council members to cover costs for events and operations. With the NDF money that SACC receives, we are able to print monthly newsletters, hold events such as the Dainty and Movie Night, carryout capital projects, such as public art installations, and more. Without these funds, the scope of work that we and other non-profit organizations are able to do shrinks.

While the budget cuts are disappointing, you can help organizations by donating directly to them, supporting their work, and volunteering time and resources.

How can you help SACC? Consider your household becoming a member of SACC for just $10 a year (you can easily purchase a membership via PayPal in the righthand sidebar). If you see us tabling at an event, buy a t-shirt. Email us at and ask how you can get involved. Share our events and posts on Facebook. Together we can make Schnitzelburg an even greater place to live, work, and play.

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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