Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July Newsletter

Happy belated Independence Day, Schnitzelburg!

You can find the July SACC newsletter here.

Schnitzelburg will close out the month of July with the World Famous Dainty Contest on Monday, July 31st --don't miss it!


July also begins SACC's fiscal year, so be sure to join or renew your membership. Our board is working hard to increase membership since membership money helps our organization and commuity grow! You may have received a membership door hanger from one of our hardworking board members. We appreciate your support of our organization! Let's all work together to make Schnitzelburg the best neighborhood to live, work and play!

Correction: The address listed for Yesternook in our business member listing is incorrect.  The correct address is 1153 Logan St. 40204. We apologize for the error!


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