Thursday, February 2, 2017

February Newsletter

Check out SACC's February Newsletter!

There is a new feature where every month we will showcase a different block in the neighborhood and a year to show you who used to live in your house! It's a great jumping point for researching the history of your own property! This month we have listed the residents of the 900 block of Mulberry in 1937 - the year of the Great Flood!

There is also a new monthly column from Don Haag recalling days past in Schnitzelburg. Don leads our bi-annual Schnitzelburg History Walks and is a wealth of information on the neighborhood! Is there hidden treasure in a cave near Schnitzelburg? Look inside this issue to learn more!

Entrance to "11 Jones" cave

Don't worry - the Business Spotlight and deal will be back next month!

Also, please remember to add the February SACC meeting to your calendar - Monday, February 27th at 7 pm at St. E's Cafeteria (1016 E. Burnett).

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