Monday, September 19, 2016

Business Spotlight: Massage...Healing for Everyone

Today, we shine our Business Spotlight on Massage...Healing for Everyone. Kim Curran, owner and Licensed Massage Therapist, operates her business from a studio in her home on Mulberry Street.

As a "thank you" to the neighborhood, Kim is offering $10 off any service if you mention the SACC website (not applicable to other discounts or promotions)!

Here is what Kim had to say about her business:

As I found myself at a burnout point after 20 years as a JCPS middle school teacher and knowing that I was going to leave my profession, I had no idea what my future would hold.  Over the course of a few months, I did some significant soul searching in an effort to get a picture of what the next stage of my life might look like.  One night, I had a very realistic dream: JCPS was paying me to massage the faces and hands of the more “challenging” students.  That dream (along with watching the movie, Finding Joe) allowed me to find the vision to leave a stable, well-paying, but for me, unsatisfying profession, and create the life that I truly wanted to live. 

So, I started exploring becoming a massage therapist.  After all, I had been getting monthly massages myself for a number of years and found them to be very beneficial.  When I asked the most skilled massage therapists I knew where they had received their training, they told me - Advanced Massage Therapeutics.  At the start of 2014 I enrolled.  And for the first time, I felt intuitively good at what I was doing.  I enjoyed the hands on learning, received very positive feedback from the people I practiced on and felt energized after giving a massage.  It became clear to me this was the kind of work I was destined for.

Even before graduation, I knew that I wanted my business to be in the neighborhood where I lived.   Ever since I had moved to Schnitzelburg in 2009, I felt so much at home here.  So my husband and I hired a local remodeling company, Blue Phoenix, to remodel our basement to provide an inviting massage studio and business space.  Having a business in the same building as one’s home was often the way it was done in the past in this neighborhood.  My office and work area have a separate entrance from our living area, but is still part of our home which I just love.  And I’m all about less waste of all kinds. 

Being able to help people live healthier, happier lives gives me great satisfaction.  My clients are as young as 10 and mature as 87 and they come to me for a variety of reasons.  Though I can provide most of the standard types of massage, there are three areas (so far) that I feel are my strengths: low back pain, neck stiffness and stress relief.  Many people come with pain or stress and leave feeling physically and mentally ready to face their daily activities.  It’s a wonderful thing to know that I played some role in facilitating their healing.

I would love it if ALL of my clients came from Schnitzelburg and nearby neighborhoods.  Providing a good service to people is rewarding and important, but when you can do it for those close to home, it feels even better.

I am living the dream!  I get to provide a service that I love in a place that I love.  It’s a darned good life! And my life’s intention is to share that goodness with others.

Massage...Healing for Everyone:


  1. Thanks for this business highlight. I plan to book a massage in the near future. Please consider adding a website or phone number to the next spotlight so we can connect easily to our neighborhood businesses. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for catching that!
    Phone: 502-494-6509

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