Monday, November 9, 2015

Schnitzelburg Tree Planting - SATURDAY!

Saturday, November 14th
Swiss Hall (719 Lynn St.)
10 am

We are so very excited to have Schnitzelburg chosen as the neighborhood to receive 150 trees this Fall through Louisville Grows/Love Louisville Trees! Not only are trees aesthetically appealing, but they keep us cool (and block wind in the cooler months), stabilize the soil, absorb water runoff, help control noise pollution, and clean our air! Trees can also increase your property value!

Schnitzelburg is the 6th neighborhood to receive trees through Love Louisville Trees (others include German-Paristown, Shawnee, and Shelby Park), and the organization will be planting their 1,000th tree in Schnitzelburg on Saturday!

Volunteers have been canvassing the neighborhood for the past couple of months looking for homeowners who would like a free tree for their front yard or easement (backyards are considered, mostly for large, canopy trees). If you haven't received a knock on your door, you may have received a door hanger.

Whether or not you are a resident of Schnitzelburg, or you are receiving a tree, we invite you to volunteer with us on Saturday. While it may sound like a pretty laborious task planting 150 trees, it is actually really fun work!

Wondering how it's all done? After breakfast, volunteers are sorted into groups. Each group does an initial planting together at a site to learn the proper way to plant before they are broken into smaller groups. Each small group is lead by a Citizen Forrester, an individual who is a veteran tree planter and has completed training to become tree steward. Groups are typically given trees in close proximity to each other so you can walk from site to site.  Trees will already be delivered to the site and a spray painted circle identifies where the tree will go (811 is called before the planting to mark the underground utilities). Once the group is finished planting (~5 trees per group) they go back to the staging site to have a warm lunch!

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Valerie Magnuson at!

From The Schnitzelburg Tree Planting Facebook event page:

Join us for our 7th Neighborhood Planting Event!! We'll be planting 150 trees in the Schnitzelburg/Merriwether neighborhood and need 150 volunteers to help us. 

10:00-10:15 Volunteers arrive for check-in and Heine Brothers Coffee and bagels.
10:15-10:30 Following a brief orientation, volunteers and Citizen Foresters head out to their planting zones.
10:30-1:00 Tree planting demo and zone planting
1:00 All return to the staging site for lunch!

All our volunteers can expect certain things from their experience with Louisville Grows, in return, Louisville Grows has certain expectations for every volunteer.

Our volunteers have the right to:

  • Be provided with an introduction to Louisville Grows
  • Be treated as an individual whose time and talent is valuable to the organization
  • Receive training for their tasks and an explanation of how this work relates to the larger mission of Louisville Grows
  • Be provided with a safe working environment

Our volunteers have the responsibility to:
  • Be sincere in their offer of service to Louisville Grows
  • Carry out their work reliably and to the best of their ability
  • Accept the guidance and decisions of LG staff and/or Citizen Foresters
  • Ask for help when needed

We recommend that you dress in layers. Waterproof outerwear is ideal. Of course, you'll be digging in dirt and handling mulch, so please wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. We'll provide adult-sized gloves, and we recommend wearing sturdy shoes.

Curious about who Love Louisville Trees is and what they do? They sum it up pretty nicely on their website:

"Love Louisville Trees (LLT) provides urban forestry training to build community capacity in urban forest management and stewardship and organizes tree-planting events to assist with the reforestation of Louisville’s neighborhoods. LLT works to educate the public on the benefits of an urban forest, helps to guide neighborhood coordinators in the development of annual tree planting and maintenance events, and provides trees to financially challenged areas in our community. Through encouragement and community engagement, citizens are trained in proper tree selection, planting and on-going maintenance. We understand that for an urban forestry program to be effective we must engage and recruit students, residents, business owners, and all members of our community to take ownership of our urban forest.

The LLT Program was created in response to recent research demonstrating that not only does Louisville have one of the fastest rising heat indices in the USA, but also has a significantly lower level of tree coverage compared to similar cities. Recent tree mortality from invasive pests, storm damage, lack of citizen forestry skills and the absence of a developed city plan has contributed to higher pollution levels, poor storm water management, and barren urban landscapes. We organize tree planting events in neighborhoods near the urban core, where large trees can have the biggest impact as they cool streets by providing shade, purify our air, beautify our streets, and absorb and purify storm water. We also know that trees planted on residential properties can reduce utility bills and raise the value of property, particularly important in low-income neighborhoods where canopy development has often been neglected."


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