Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Minutes from the Germantown Mill Lofts Meeting and Steve Magre's Community Meeting

The following minutes have been received from Underhill Associates and Councilman Steve Magre's office, respectively.

Germantown Mill Lofts Neighborhood Meeting
November 2, 2015
1030 Goss Avenue

A neighborhood meeting was held at 1030 Goss Avenue on November 2, 2015 at 5:30 pm. The development team members in attendance included Colin Underhill and Elizabeth Rivers. Colin started the meeting by explaining the meeting's purpose, which was to discuss plans to further the Germantown Mill Lofts project. He explained the plans to convert the former daycare to a restaurant.  He stated that the restaurant would be called Finn's Restaurant and that it would serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Colin then provided an update on the overall project. He stated that the first residents will move in on December 1, 2015.  He explained that the remainder of residents will move to the lofts in phases, and that the project will be completed by May 2016. Colin then opened the meeting up for questions.

One attendee asked about parking, specifically how it may affect residents in the area. She questioned more transparency on the project. She expressed concern that the restaurant may limit the amount of street parking available.  Additionally, she expressed concern that construction is affecting the neighborhood. Mike Morris, president of the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council, recommended that she contact their organization. He stated that the neighborhood group would be able to advocate on her behalf.

Another woman asked about the restaurant's operational hours. Another man asked about the number of parking spots on the property. Colin informed him that there will be 330 parking spots. He informed the attendees that there would be ample parking for residents and restaurant visitors.

Another woman echoed the concerns about parking. Colin explained that, as a developer, he is going to advocate for the neighborhood. He explained that the project will continue to make Germantown special. He explained how the neighbors will benefit from Germantown Mill Lofts.

Mike Morris then explained that he was originally concerned about the parking, however, Mike noted that the property has 30% more parking than the city requires.

One woman asked about the entrance and exit on the property. Colin explained that the specific entrance/exits are required by law.

Another woman explained that parking shouldn't be an issue because Germantown residents walk to restaurants and other nearby businesses. However, she disagreed with the decision to add a restaurant to the area. Colin assured the attendees that the restaurant would not stay open past 11:00 pm.

Another man asked if bottled beer would be served. Colin informed attendees that he would know this once the zoning was approved.

One woman expressed her gratification that it would be a restaurant rather than a bar.

Mike Morris asked if the property would have bicycle racks, and Colin informed the attendees that there are ample bicycle racks.

A number of attendees expressed concern with speeding on Goss Avenue and McHenry Street. Mike Morris informed attendees that the neighborhood association is working with the city on that issue.

Colin then informed the attendees that Germantown Mill Lofts would increase the property values of their homes.

One man, who arrived after the start of the meeting, asked for clarification on the requested zoning classification. Colin explained that the new zoning permit would allow alcoholic sales on the restaurant's patio.

A man then expressed his admiration for the developers taking an older, deteriorating building and turning it into a newer, more functional building. He recommended that the attendees "give it a chance."

Another man asked about security cameras on the property. Colin explained that the property is going to make the area safer.

Colin also explained that the restaurant will be smaller than the average restaurant. This eased many concerns among the attendees.

Colin also explained that the restaurant will be smaller than the average restaurant. This eased many concerns among attendees.

Colin informed the attendees that he would advocate for the area and the neighborhood, in hopes of improving Germantown. One woman expressed appreciation that the development enhanced sidewalk conditions.

Mike Morris said he is happy the developers are Underhill family members. He also explained that the company will do a great job because their reputation is at stake. He also expressed comfort that the developers are a Louisville company.

Colin thanked everyone for attending the meeting. Afterwards, many neighbors stayed to meet Colin and ask additional questions.

Councilman Magre’s Town Hall Meeting
October 29, 2015
1567 South Shelby Street

Handouts:  Spending Summary - Page 1 - Page 2
                  ZooDay Flyer (District 10 residents get $5 admission on Saturday, November 7) 

Newsletter will be received soon, followed by a summary postcard.

While in office, Steve Magre has: 

Supported a lot of the same programs that Jim King did. Spent money that could be spent.

Has one more Council Meeting he can sit on is November 5 and that will likely be his last.

Added funding from Neighborhood Development Fund (NDF) to bring MUSCL up to their needs.

Added funding to Goss Avenue Corridor Improvement.

Acknowledged the Germantown Mill Lofts and Three Points Beautification Project giving area momentum.

Funded paving and cameras on Unseld.  Speed hump application pending.

Completed George Roger Clark Park landscaping NDF to provide landscaping around new signage.

Expressed disappointed in homicide issue in community. Puts LMPD in unfair position. Council/Mayor has not addressed it. Gave stats for the past few years during meeting.

Wants Police Summit steered by Mayor and Council and to bring in appropriate people from across the community and make sure funds are available for this.

Provided the homicide and heroine data for D10 during the meeting.

Noted that flooding has impacted D10 and is a consistent problem. Flooding is mainly due to dual runways at the airport.  Referenced MSD ordinance to repair structures. 

Pressed of railroad crossing gates in Buechel, but the FRA moves slowly. City has updated markings and signage and removed a tree for the pages. Project is approved as of today and Norfolk has 12 months to complete the install.

Put the dilapidated Economy Inn in the hot seat with all of the Departments that have oversight and questioned how this place is still allowed to exist. Evidence presented by hotel side is bogus. Stop Work order has been issued. Plans to stay involved with this situation even after leaving office by working with neighborhood association. Needs to be legit or close.

Moved the Camp Taylor Monument to a public location and had to overcome several hurdles in order to accomplish.

Introduced Metro staff.

One question raised about hotel planned for Preston Hwy. Advised that it has been rezoned for the hotel, but it has not moved forward. Advised that it is technically in District 21, Dan Johnson. 

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