Monday, June 22, 2015

Ice Cream Social TONIGHT!

The first day of summer + 94 degree high = perfect day for an ice cream social!

Head over to the All Wool & Yard Wide Club tonight at 7 pm for our General Neighborhood Meeting.

John Hawkins with the Center for Neighborhoods will be giving a presentation on some websites that are helpful for you to better connect with your home and neighborhood.  LOJIC is a great resource for getting property information, checking property lines, finding out which direction sewers run, determining when your trash pick-up dates are, and a whole lot more.  Other websites will help you find out who owns a business or report a neighbor with high grass and an unkempt yard.  All these resources are just at your fingertips!

Dairy Del was kind enough to donate 3 gallons of ice cream for this evenings meeting!  We will have a topping bar with a variety of options for you to pile on more sweetness. 

See you tonight!

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