Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Repair Affair

Know an elderly person wtih a leaky faucet that needs repairing?  Are you a disabled person who could benefit from having grab bars and a wheelchair ramp installed?  Does your elderly neighbor need her gutters cleaned and and some yard work done?

If you or someone you know could use assistance, Repair Affair could be a great resource.  

Repair Affair, a program through New Directions Housing Corporation (NDHC), is aimed at helping elderly and disabled homeowners make essential repairs to their home at no cost to them.
New Directions Repair Affair is a volunteer driven program that helps elderly or disabled homeowners with repairs. Eligible participants must be over the age of 60 or certified as disabled, own their home and make less than 50% AMI, or about $21,000 a year. Repairs range from simple yard work to more complicated wheelchair construction. Volunteer teams select which homes they want to work on and the repairs happen throughout the summer and fall.
For more information, visit NDHC's website or contact Jacie Morgan by email ( or by phone (502.719.7153).  

NDHC is accepting applications for the 2015 Repair Affair through April 30th.  

If you aren't disabled or elderly, think of any neighbors who could benefit from having their home repaired.  Drop an application off in their mailbox or give it to them in person.  Talking with them face to face could give you an opportunity to see if they need any help submitting their application.

Repair Affair is also looking for volunteers!  Whether you are handy with a tool belt or you would prefer to do some less intensive work such as writing thank you cards, Repair Affair could use you!

Let's be great neighbors and make Schnitzelburg a community that cares!  

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