Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome New Board Members!

Four new board members were elected to join the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council at the General Meeting on Monday, November 24th: Jane Evans, Alan Grisanti, Nick Seivers, and Kara Underwood. 

We are delighted to have these four individuals serving on the Schnitzelburg Area Community Council and we look forward their contributions to the board and to the community!  Since board members are volunteers, we truly appreciate the time and energy they are dedicating to make a stronger Schnitzelburg!

Prior to being elected, the board asks that all candidates complete a simple application to identify why they are interested in serving on the board and to explore how they see Schnitzelburg in the future.  In order to introduce you to these four fantastic individuals, we have taken excerpts from their applications so you can meet them in their own words. 

Jane Evans
Why are you interested in serving the SACC?

I would like to give back to our community. I want to be a more active participant in improving Schnitzelburg and connecting with other community members.

What specific interests or concerns do you think are important for Schnitzelburg to focus on?

I am most interested in our gardens, parks, and trees.  I think it would benefit the community to find or provide more activities for the neighborhood youth.

Alan Grisanti
Why are you interested in serving the SACC?

Having grown up in Schnitzelburg, it’s been amazing to see the neighborhood strengthen its identity and foster a feeling of community in the area.  I want to serve on the council to help the neighborhood grow as one of Louisville’s best places to live –a walkable neighborhood with great local businesses that’s environmentally and socially conscious.

What specific interests or concerns do you think are important for Schnitzelburg to focus on?

I think beautification and support of local business work in tandem to create a unique community.  I always describe the neighborhood as either “up and coming” or going through a kind of “renaissance” (depending on your historic point of view), and I think a big reason for that is due to the growth in unique local fare, as well as the improved look of the neighborhood.  It makes people want to live here, spend time here, and meet your neighbors.

Nick Seivers
Please state your employment, volunteer organizations, or any other community activities you are engaged in that you believe will help fulfill your duties as a SACC Board Member.

I currently work as an urban planner with TARC.

I have broken down silos between and collaborated with staff, design professionals, policy makers, and the general public as a professional urban planner on zoning, urban design, place making, and transportation.  In an era of fiscal belt tightening and open data, I have demonstrated, reported, and visualized measurable successes in the stewardship of the vision and objectives of each other communities I have worked.

Are there any projects or ideas you would like to spearhead as a board member?

Place making, gateways, and transportation improvements at major intersections in and around the neighborhood.  Transitioning underused properties into active and vibrant spaces to live, work, and play.  I would also like to increase participation in SACC initiatives and events.

I would like to concentrate my experience in urban design and applying for grants to preserving and enhancing the traditions and aesthetic of the neighborhood.

Kara Underwood
Kara with husband, David, who is also a SACC board member.
Why are you interested in serving the SACC?

My husband and I moved to Germantown when looking for a place to settle down and start a family.  We loved the neighborhood and I have only found more to love as we have lived here and gotten to know our neighborhood. I want to help further the progress of our home, and to help improve the neighborhood in the coming year.  I love the fact that younger people are moving in and adding to the community, and how all of the families and residents come together.  I want to serve the neighborhood and help facilitate community involvement and interaction.  I previously worked as a copy writer and in non-profit, so I have plenty of experience to contribute to the board.

What specific interests or concerns do you think are important for Schnitzelburg to focus on?

Keeping the feeling of community alive and thriving.  Bring in some new small businesses that contribute to our already established culture.  Cleaning up and improving the different areas of the neighborhood.


New board members will begin their term January 1st.  Their first official board meeting will be on Monday, January 5th.


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