Friday, October 10, 2014

Powered by the sun: Solar energy in Schnitzelburg

The Louisville Solar Tour is tomorrow, from 10AM to 3PM, and of the thirty-five participating locations this year, three are in our fair neighborhood! It doesn't look to be a promising day for generating solar power, alas, or even for visiting places where solar power is generated, but nonetheless, tomorrow is the day when local Louisville establishments using the sun will be welcoming you to show off their installations and answer questions. Hope you can come by to see some of the participating locations, particularly in our neighborhood. The full list of participants is on the 2014 Louisville Solar Tour website, but below, a brief description of our own local-neighborhood favorites.
Donald Feeney, at 1446 Hickory Street has the neighborhood's oldest and most visible installation, dating from 2008. Located just across the street from Check's Cafe, his home has a 2.6kW, 12-panel array mounted on the front of the house, powering not only his home needs but also his Nissan Leaf.
Amy Waters and Dustin Strong, at 1300 Lydia Street, have had their 14-panel, 3.71kW system since 2013. It's in the back of their home on the corner of Eastern and Lydia, so it's easy to miss unless you're looking at the house from behind.
Jake Wildstrom (who also, uh, authored this post, and doesn't really refer to himself in the third person as a rule) has his home at 2352 Dorma Avenue, a mere block from the Parkway Village city line. His 20-panel, 5.3-kW system was only installed this past summer. Come for solar power, maybe stay for a cup of tea (nice day for it, no?).
The Louisville Solar Tour is cosponsored by Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light, the Louisville Climate Action Network, the Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation, the Kentucky Solar Energy Society, and the ASES National Solar Tour, with contributory support from Cultivating Connections, the Center for Interfaith Relations, Passionist Earth and Spirit Center, and the Sierra Club.
See y'all tomorrow, low-productivity or high-productivity (a.k.a. rain or shine)!

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