Tuesday, January 14, 2014


What is #whattheschnitzelburg?!  You may have seen little sheets of paper attached to phone poles or hanging in local establishments that look like the image below, but you may not have any idea what in the world it is or what exactly it is asking you to do.

If you have an Instagram* you can "follow" whattheschnitzelburg to get a unique perspective of Schnitzelburg in your feed.  The anonymous user behind the IG handle has a knack for pointing out the "curious and quirky" sights in Schnitzelburg, from strange house additions to early 20th century tile work on a business to baffling intersections.   

We asked the person behind whattheschnitzelburg why they chose to devote time to snapping pictures of the neighborhood and what the loved so much about Schnitzelburg. Here is what they said:
I have lived in Schnitzelburg for over a year.  I was very familiar with the neighborhood before moving here.  I wanted to capture some of the unique, unexpected, ponderous, ingenious, and whimsical sights I would see as I walked the dog, waited for the bus, or biked around before they blended into the background.  I kept stumbling upon narrow doors in strange places, porches built over basement garages that surely never housed a car, improvised landscaping, proud homes next to dressed-up bungalows next to deteriorating shotguns next to basic cape cods (or some jumble of those terms and conditions), and trees bent around infrastructure.  There are some really great adaptations of spaces and a story told in the succession of adaptations of the same space over time. One day I will do some research or meet with some of the local historians to learn of the stories that I now imagine have taken place in the streets of Schnitzelburg.  Before I do that research, or these curious and quirky sights become white noise, I began this inventory on Instagram.  You never know what you will see at just the right angle or time of day around this neighborhood.  
In many of whattheschnitzelburg's photos we find ourselves wondering where the picture was snapped, easily creating a game of seek and find within the perimeters of Schnitzelburg.

Even if our curiosity only goes as far as a "like" we are thoroughly enjoying seeing Schnitzelburg through a new perspective.  It's amazing what you can notice when you explore the neighborhood on foot instead of buzzing by in a car!

"Yellow door: It's looking up" Photo: WTS

"The vistas of Texas (at Alexander)" Photo: WTS

"That is an unexpected perch on a shotgun house" Photo: WTS

"That is a light in a tree" Photo: WTS

"That is the most Miami #whattheschnitzelburg gets" Photo: WTS

"Manual" Photo: WTS

*Instagram is a photo sharing social media app for smart phones where users can upload photos to share with their network of friends.  Users can add filters, use hashtags to brand their pictures and "like" other users photos.

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