Monday, December 9, 2013

UL Urban Design Class Presentations

You've probably heard the SACC mention the University of Louisville Planning and Design class that has been using Schnitzelburg as their focus neighborhood over the last few months. Hopefully you were able to meet the students at our October general meeting. If not, tonight you will have a chance to meet the students and hear their final presentations on Schnitzelburg.  Here is a little more information from their professor, Steve Sizemore:
It's hard to believe but this semester is coming to an end. The students have been diligently collecting, analyzing, and converting information and ideas from all the great conversations they have had with the friendly Schnitzelburg folks.  I thank you tremendously for all your help and support in giving them a sounding board.  
Monday will be their last class where they will be presenting the final plan ideas.  I hope you and others from the neighborhood can join us for the presentation.  
It will take place Monday, December 9th at the Urban Design Studio, 507 S 3rd St.  The meters are clear and free at that time for anybody coming down.  The group will present their findings and recommendations for the first 20-30 minutes followed by a discussion/questions. Please pass the invitation along too all your board members and others in the neighborhood.  There will be refreshments and snacks provided.  
Let me know if you have any questions beforehand. I look forward to seeing you there. 

Steve Sizemore

The students have been working diligently and closely with the board and others in the community.  They're a bright bunch and we look forward to their presentations!

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