Thursday, December 19, 2013

Light Up Schnitzelburg and UL Class Follow-Up

You can now see Schnitzelburg from SPACE!  Just kidding. But we did make the neighborhood a little brighter on Sunday with Light Up Schnitzelburg!

SACC board members and neighbors met at Mo's Food Mart on Sunday night to decorate the evergreen that Go Green Germantown planted in 2010 (boy, has it grown!).  Santa came down from the North Pole to remind kids that they still have time to go from the nice list to the naughty list.  Candy canes and cookies were enjoyed as people took turns wrapping the tree in popcorn and cranberry garlands, and hanging bows and ornaments.  After the tree was decorated and lit, carolers took to Hickory Street and serenaded Schnitzelburgers at their homes and in the pubs before finishing up (and warming up) at Check's.

You can see some pictures from the event below, or you check out even more pictures on the SACC FB page.

Decorating from top to bottom!

The finished product with all the little elves who helped decorate!

Santa!  Wow!  He sure does have a strong resemblance to Paul Pfister of Nuts-N-Stuff!

Kara, David and Frankie Underwood posed with Santa.

Carolers at Check's!
The finished tree!


It's already been a week and a half since the U of L students presented their Schnitzelburg project at the Urban Design Studio.  We're sure the students are loathing Christmas break and craving to be back designing and planning in the classroom. ;)  The students did a great job presenting the history and demographics of Schnitzelburg, as well as their ideas on how to improve our neighborhood through design and sustainability.  Here are some of their ideas:
  • Expanding and improving existing green space, as well as adding green space in the form of box gardens and rain gardens;
  • Adding more sensible and obvious transportation.  Redesigning transit lines to be more direct.  Adding a modern bus stop shelter would help identify bus stops and give people waiting on the bus a little relief from the elements.  Becoming more bike friendly with added bike lanes and bike parking/corrals is also encouraged;
  • Creating a farmers market with a proposed location of the old car lot at the corner of Shelby and Burnett, next to Oscar's Hardware.  The market would be stocked additionally with food from the Emerson Community Garden;
  • Converting already commercially zoned properties that are currently being used as residential properties into retail space. For example, converting the duplex across the street from Check's into a corner commercial space. More visible commerical properties, such as the tool repair company on the corner of Goss and Texas Avenues could be adapted into a restaurant much like the Garage Bar in NuLu;
  • Establishing a "heart of Schnitzelburg" at the intersection of Hickory and Burnett.  Adding bump-outs and green space, raising the intersection, and (once again) converting residential property into commercial space will create a hub for Schnitzelburg activity.  
Congrats to the budding urban designers on a great semester and we enjoyed working with you!  Thank you for choosing Schnitzelburg as your focus and we look forward to the positive changes in the neighborhood!

The U of L students gathered together to answer questions.

Students identified strengths, problems, threats, and opportunities within Schnitzelburg currently.

Students teamed up with the SACC board and neighbors at on of our general meetings to get input, as seen on these maps.

The final project in its entirety.  We will try to upload a copy of the project for you to view on the blog soon!

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