Thursday, November 14, 2013

#1 Citizen Dinner for Dummies

Okay, you aren't a dummy, but you might be a little in the dark as to what in the heck this #1 Citizen Dinner is all about if you have never been before.

You are not alone.

This year will be my first #1 Citizen Dinner experience.  Honestly, I've never had the interest, nor been the extended invitation to go.  To me, it's always sounded like a secret society meeting.  Who are these #1 Citizens?  Who goes to this thing?  What is it all about?

Here is what I have gathered through the top-secret planning sessions of the SACC about the #1 Citizen Dinner.  Let's gain a little clarity...

First, you need tickets.  Tickets are $10 each.  If you are on top of your game (and you probably even have this event saved in the calendar in your phone, you smarty-pants), you can pick up tickets at Hauck's Handy Store or Danny Mac's Pizza (inside the AmVets Post on S. Shelby - you have to be buzzed in the building, but you'll feel like a mafia boss or something cool like that.  Don't worry, the vets inside are real nice and you might end up having a beer with them).  If you didn't buy your ticket already, don't worry.  You will be able to buy tickets at St. Elizabeth's door for the same price of presale - $10.

Never been to St. E's? It's the church down the street from Check's on Burnett.  It has a parking lot inside of a chain link fence.  Whether you park in the parking lot or the street, you'll need to go inside the fence and enter the cafeteria on the right side of the building. I am sure there will be balloons or something by the door.

When you go in, be sure to check out the SACC membership table, pick up some freebies, buy an SACC t-shirt (hot off the press!!), and sign up for the raffles.

After you've done all that, grab a program and a seat.

Paul Pfister of Nuts-N-Stuff will be the MC for the evening.  I've heard he does a real swell job.  At 6 Paul will welcome everyone, followed by a blessing of the meal.

The dinner is German style, so don't expect to leave hungry or feeling light on your feet.  That Place on Goss is catering.  If you haven't eaten at their restaurant in the Antique Mall yet - what in the world is wrong with you?!?  Get there ASAP.    Dinner will be served by some sweet seniors from the Senior Wellness Center.

During the dinner there will be 2 bands playing.  One of the bands is an ensemble from The Little Sisters of the Poor.  Read: a group of real groovy nuns playing some cool tunes for your listening pleasure.

At 7 the announcement for Schnitzelburg's #1 Citizen will be announced by the previous years winner; in this case, SACC President Mike Morris.

What does the # 1 Citizen get?  The award, a bunch of certificates, and a super awesome jacket.

Expect a few of politicians dropping in - Metro Council people, state representatives, judges, and (most likely) the Mayor.  They will each have the opportunity to speak.  Up for some networking, anybody?

Finally, door prizes of all sorts will be auctioned off.  Rumor has it that there are gift baskets from Sungeros and Heine Brothers, a cookware gift basket, respective UL and UK baskets, an autographed basketball, and gift certificates to awesome local places like Hali B and Co., Danny Mac's, Check's and many more.

If you see some strapping, young Boy Scouts floating around at this point, don't fear that you have intruded on their meeting.  They are kind enough to clean-up after the dinner for the SACC.

Finally, why does the SACC announce a #1 Citizen??  Forty-eight years ago this righteous dude named Kenny Schmeid was doing so much good for the neighborhood without any recognition and somebody thought he deserved to be recognized.  So, in true Schnitzelburg fashion, they made a big ole party for the occasion, which turned into an annual thing.  Must be good or they wouldn't keep having it, right?

I hope this helped unveil some of the mystery behind the #1 Citizen Dinner.  The only way to see how well this guide matches up to the real thing is to go the dinner TONIGHT.  If the bribery of door prizes, politicians and nice people isn't persuading you to go, maybe you'll reconsider when you are wondering what type of frozen dinner you're going to thaw out for another meal in front of the boob tube.

See ya at 6, ya dummies. (Just kidding about the dummy part, but we sure hope you can make it!)

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