Monday, October 21, 2013

General Meeting - One Week from Today!

So, who in the world are these U of L students and what is their tie-in with the neighborhood?   Here is the scope for the class from Steve Sizemore, the professor leading the class:

The Schnitzelburg neighborhood in the City of Louisville has been selected as the subject neighborhood for the Fall 2013 Neighborhood Planning Studio course, an elective course in the Master of Urban Planning in the University of Louisville’s School of Urban and Public Affairs.  Schnitzelburg was selected because it presents a diversity of urban issues the students will be able to explore within the 3-month semester.  In addition, there is an engaged citizenry in the neighborhood, particularly from the leadership of the Schnitzelburg Community Council.  The president, Mike Morris, has many years of experience in neighborhood leadership and revitalization and provides an important resource for the students. 

The students will be able to leverage past and current planning efforts and explore concepts related to capitalizing on the unique assets of the area.  A key focus of the project will center on leveraging the momentum from current efforts to create Goss Avenue as a vibrant corridor for the neighborhood.  The plan will look beyond the neighborhood boundaries to ensure continuity and protection of neighborhood stability.  Other key corridors that will receive attention are Hickory and Burnett Streets.  The plan will have several key goals to explore, but not limited to, including:

1.      Establish Goss, Burnett, and Hickory as vibrant, mixed-use corridors.
2.      Explore means to where individuals and families could have the option to limit auto-use.
3.      Protect and enhance neighborhood’s walkability. 
4.      Seek opportunities to create a complete “age in place” neighborhood to reinforce the neighborhood’s multi-generational character and history.
5.      Develop opportunities for public spaces.
6.      Leverage success of neighborhood events (Dainty, Walks, etc.) to define sense of place in the neighborhood.

The students will be focusing on several key elements for the plan, including land use, economic development, urban design, and mobility.   Following the student’s initial neighborhood scan and further discussions with neighborhood leaders, other elements could be considered.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday night.  You are a part of this neighborhood and you have the chance to make positive change!  Your opinions matters - large or small!!  So, get out your smart phone and put in a reminder, make a brightly colored note on your calendar, and tell all your friends (a great chance to invite your next door neighbor)!

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