Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pictures from the Dainty Contest

We're a little bit late on this, but we wanted to share some pictures from Monday's 43rd Annual World Dainty Contest.  We had a great time, the weather was perfect and one of the largest crowds gathered in Schnitzelburg for the Dainty Contest.  There was also a record number of participants this year with 162 people trying to hit the Dainty the furthest!

2013 Dainty winner - James Brown (149 ft), pictured with George Hauck and the one legged race winner (45+ y.o. category).

Local politicians huddling in for a picture with George Hauck, including Mayor Greg Fischer, Governor Jerry Abramson , Rep. Jim Wayne and District Attorney Jack Conway.
SACC President Mike Morris gets a hit!

One-legged race winner (under 45), Brendan Kennedy, nearing the finish line. (Photo by Keri Kennedy via Instagram) 

 Only 362 more days until nexy years Dainty Contest!  We can't wait!

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