Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hearts Homes & History - 1100 Milton Avenue

The June newsletter is out today and it features 2013's first Hearts Homes and History installment.  The SACC is excited to share Hearts Homes and History with the you as it is a way to explore the deep roots of our neighborhood, as well as explore our modern community and its inhabitants.  We hope you enjoy:
Congratulations to this month’s HHH winner, Dr. Sarah Murrow, D.C. Most Schnitzelburg residents are familiar with her charming and colorful office and meticulous yard at the corner of Hickory and Milton Streets. The rehabilitation of the building now truly lends itself to the Victorian era in which the home was built. 
Many of Dr. Murrow’s patients tell her that they recall purchasing penny candy from a grocery store that operated at the location when they were children. Dr. Murrow’s chiropractic practice now occupies the space, which is a few easy steps from the family business, Check’s CafĂ©, operated by husband John Murrow. Dr. Murrow began working in Schnizelburg at the offices of Dr. Stengel on Texas Avenue. Following Dr. Stengel’s retirement, she moved her practice to 1100 Milton. The little house needed work initially and remodeling of the building became a family project. The final result is a soft palette of rose and green with gingerbread details that is both pretty and nostalgic. 
1100 Milton Avenue was constructed in 1892. Milton Avenue was sparsely populated prior to 1892 and lots were just beginning to be sold and developed. The first residents of 1100 Milton were Charles “Edward” Deitschmann (pictured) and his wife, Sally (Leland) Deitschmann. Edward was born in 1864 in Charlestown, Indiana, the son of German immigrants, Martin Deutschmann and Christine Deuser. Edward described himself as a millwright by trade and was employed by the Crystal Springs Distillery Company located at 1st and Magnolia Streets. Edward and Sally were married for 13 years when Sally died on or about 1901. In 1906, Edward married Caroline Fischer, a young woman who resided nearby with her family at 1110 Milton Avenue. The same year, Edward opened a small grocery store at 1100 Milton Avenue. Edward sold the grocery business to E.L. Frank in 1913.

Would you like your house to be featured as a Hearts Homes and History winner?  Know someone who has an old house rich with history or a house that stands out on the block? Nominate them or yourself by sending us the address, homeowner information, and (if possible) a picture of the house to

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