Calendar & Upcoming Events

2019 SACC Events

February 4th - Board Meeting
February 25th - Neighborhood Meeting
March 4th - Board Meeting
April 1st - Board Meeting
April 22nd - Neighborhood Meeting
May 6th - Board Meeting
June 3rd - Board Meeting
June 24th - Neighborhood Meeting
July 1st - Board Meeting
July 29th - Wold Championship Dainty Contest
August 5th - Board Meeting
August 26th - Neighborhood Meeting
September 7th - Board Meeting
September 14th - Fall Walk & Yard Sale (see below for more details)
October 5th - 6th Annual Movie Night
October 7th - Board Meeting
October 28th - Neighborhood Meeting
November 4th - Board Meeting
November 14th - 54th Annual #1 Citizen Dinner
November 25th - Annual Neighborhood Meeting
December 2nd - Board Meeting


Brightside Clean-ups
Dog Walk
Christmas Caroling

Other Community Events

Tuesday, December 17th
Four Pegs Beer Lounge
6 pm - 10 pm

Have an event you would like listed? 
Email with the event details 
and, if available, a flyer for your event.


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