Let Your Voice Be Heard Regarding the City's Pension Related Tax Increase Proposal

The Metro Council Budget Committee is hosting two public hearings in which Louisville residents are urged to offer input to the process of deciding how to respond to the city's state pension related budget crisis--additional funding through an increased insurance tax, or cutbacks in basic services.

To speak at one of the public hearings, sign up in person beginning at 5 p.m. and no later than 6:30 p.m. Speakers are called in order of signup and have up to three minutes to make comments. Written testimony may also be submitted during the hearings. Both hearings will be held in City Hall on the Third Floor at 601 W Jefferson Street.

Speakers may use the Sixth Street entrance to City Hall. Individuals needing assistance may enter City Hall from the Jefferson Street entrance.

Public Hearing Schedule

Thursday, February 28 6 p.m.
Monday, March 4 6 p.m.

There are also two regular Budget Committee meetings before a decision is made next month. You may also contact Metro Council before the hearings and meetings.

Budget Committee Meetings

Thursday, February 28 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, March 14 4:30 p.m.

Here are the email addresses for each of the 26 Metro Council District Council people:

District 1: Jessica.Green@louisvilleky.gov
District 2: Barbara.Shanklin@louisvilleky.gov
District 3: Keisha.Dorsey@louisvilleky.gov
District 4: Barbara.SextonSmith@louisvilleky.gov
District 5: Donna.Purvis@louisvilleky.gov
District 6: David.James@louisvilleky.gov
District 7: Paula.McCraney@louisvilleky.gov
District 8: Brandon.Coan@louisvilleky.gov
District 9: Bill.Hollander@louisvilleky.gov
District 10: Patrick.Mulvihill@louisvilleky.gov
District 11: Kevin.Kramer@louisvilleky.gov
District 12: Rick.Blackwell@louisvilleky.gov
District 13: Mark.Fox@louisvilleky.gov
District 14: Cindi.Fowler@louisvilleky.gov
District 15: Kevin.Triplett@louisvilleky.gov
District 16: Scott.Reed@louisvilleky.gov
District 17: Markus.Winkler@louisvilleky.gov
District 18: Marilyn.Parker@louisvilleky.gov
District 19: Anthony.Piagentini@louisvilleky.gov
District 20: Stuart.Benson@louisvilleky.gov
District 21: Nicole.George@louisvilleky.gov
District 22: Robin.Engel@louisvilleky.gov
District 23: James.Peden@louisvilleky.gov
District 24: Madonna.Flood@louisvilleky.gov
District 25: David.Yates@louisvilleky.gov
District 26: Brent.Ackerson@louisvilleky.gov

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